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Medicine should help, not harm.

Prescription medications can be deadly in the hands of a toddler, child or teenager. It’s important to always keep prescription drugs in a locked cabinet your child or teen cannot access and to only dispose of expired and unused prescriptions at a medicine take-back location.

Know the facts

  • 3 in 5 teens say prescription drugs are easy to get from their parents’ medicine cabinet.*
  • Every 10 minutes a child visits the emergency room for medication poisoning.**
  • Up to 70% of opioids prescribed after surgery go unused.***

Safe disposal is easy and convenient

You can prevent drug poisoning, misuse and overdose in our community by bringing expired and unused medications to drop-off locations across Broome County—no questions asked.

Never flush or throw out medications. Drugs thrown in the trash can be retrieved by others, and flushing drugs down the toilet can contaminate the water supply.

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