Local Resources

Mental Health

***Lourdes Center for Mental Health
184 Court Street, Binghamton

***Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier (MHAST)
47 Broad Avenue, Binghamton

UHS Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
33 Mitchell Avenue, Binghamton

***CPEP: Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program
UHS Binghamton General Hospital
10-42 Mitchell Avenue, Binghamton

***Greater Binghamton Health Center
425 Robinson Street, Binghamton

***Catholic Charities of Broome County
232 Main Street, Binghamton
290 Front Street, Binghamton

Substance Use Treatment

Southern Tier Drug Abuse Treatment Center / New Horizons
10-42 Mitchell Avenue, Binghamton
24/7 HOTLINE(607)-762-2257

***Addiction Center of Broome County
30 W State Street, Binghamton

Helio Health
249 Glenwood Rd, Binghamton

Binghamton High School

Mental Health:
School Psychologists and Social Workers
Mary Barta – BartaM@binghamtonschools.org
Karen Carlton – CarltonK@binghamtonschools.org
Kate Monachino – MonachiK@binghamtonschools.org
Andrea Roberts – RobertAs@binghamtonschools.org

Substance Use Prevention:
Lourdes Student Assistance Counselor
Khadeja Purdy – khadeja.purdy@ascension.org

Other Supports:

Liberty Partnership
Autumn Loke – aloke@binghamton.edu
Nick Matyas – nmatyas@binghamton.edu

Meghan Alberti – malberti@hillside.com
Tia Wright – twright@hillside.com

Youth Development
John Klenchik – jklench1@binghamton.edu

Mentoring Program
Glenn McIver – McIverG@binghamtonschools.org

New York State Specific

Office of Addiction Services and Supports

NYS Hopeline through Office of Addiction Services and Supports – 877-8-HOPENY (877-846-7369)

Online Resources

Memory, Learning, and Brain Development

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Mental Health

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New York State Law and Marijuana Usage

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